The world is so big and full of adventure, so I’m sure that everyone has a bucket list of top places to see before a certain age! And I’m about to tell you why Lima, Peru should definitely be added to your list!

My trip to Peru was actually for work purposes, but I thought it would be a shame if I didn’t explore what this beautiful country had to offer. So I decided to travel earlier and spend some time experiencing the rich culture. But my trip had an exciting twist to it…

I left to a foreign place without booking any tours or activities beforehand, and decided to do it all only once I arrived. Some would call that really “spur of the moment”, and others would call it spontaneous. And that’s exactly what this trip was – A spontaneous, amazing adventure.

And what better way to kick off my adventure than by trying Pisco Sour, the national drink of Peru. This drink even has its own national holiday, so I knew I was off to an exciting start! Not to mention the delicious Ceviche, which is a Latin American dish. Yummy deluxe! So the food and wine boxes were already ticked (with a smiley face next to it – that’s just how delicious it was!)

But my food experience was about to get a whole lot better! As I explored the suburb of Miraflores, I came across a placed called Peruvian Experience… And that already caught my attention because the name sounded so exotic. What happens here is that your taste buds go on this wonderful journey where you have the option of tasting 6 different traditional dishes. It also includes a cooking experience and learning more about the culture and history in an interactive way – but you’ve got to go visit yourself if you want to know the secrets I learnt!

The Folkloric Show and Paso Horse Show was just the cherry on top of a stunning trip! These are definite must-sees if you love a good ol’ dose of entertainment! And my oh my, how do I begin to describe the breath-taking Water Fountain Show! I stood there like a kid at a candy store, just absorbing this scenery.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a full-on experience without visiting the ancient ruins! So I knew this was something I just had to do in Peru. I visited the Pachacamac Museum and Ruins and Temple of the Sun or Templo Del Sol and I was completely blown away by its ancient beauty. The pyramids, temples and palaces were really a sight to behold!

Finally, Barranco is the most romantic and bohemian district within Lima and it boasts art works on the walls, and little restaurants on the seashore that is just absolutely stunning! There is no better way to describe it.

So now that you’ve added this gem to your bucket list, you can make sure to add my top 5 places to visit in Lima, Peru to make your experience even more enjoyable!

  1. Peruvian Experience
  2. The Water Fountain Show
  3. Pachacamac Museum and Ruins
  4. Folkloric Show and Paso Horse Show
  5. Barranco

Enjoy life, do all you can do with the time you have. Seize every moment!

Love, Leslin