The last couple of years, since settling back in Cape Town, I have had a spiritual revelation, an awakening. I am now so called woke, whatever these young folk are calling it these days. If you have been following me on social media, you would have noticed I have been going through a transformation, I don’t know where this is leading me but I’m loving the journey.

It all started with my hair, embracing myself and looking into myself. Into me I see!

Believe me when I say I am my biggest critic and in saying that, I have a constant drive to being my best self.

Through this journey I have discovered a love for long deep conversations about “Source’ , telepathy, downloads, upgrades, frequencies, moon phases, cognitive dissonance etc.

A big passion of mine is collecting crystals. I started with my birthstone (Amythyst) and it just grew from there.I have fallen in love with crystals and this has caused me to go down a rabbit hole.

The rabbit hole you ask?

I started to ask myself questions that are bigger than myself.

Many people wonder if crystals really hold healing power, I believe it all depends on your own experience.

Did you know that the watch you are wearing requires a quartz crystal to work?

If that isn’t enough evidence about crystals and gemstone frequencies and power, you will have to test it out for yourself.

Every month I attend an awesome holistic event called the ‘Bothasig Holistic Fayre’.It’s where you will find diverse holistic products and services.

I look forward to feeding my soul (and bankrupting my purse) with a loving vibe of people, and nurturing my soul with some beautiful products, services at this health and well-being market.

There are about 50 indoor and outdoor exhibitors specialising in spiritual healing, on-site massages, chakra oil, clairvoyant / psychic readings, spiritual books, reiki, and of course a range of Crystals.

If you are like-minded, you are sure to find unique and one of a kind treasures here along with organic food and informative talks for only R10 entrance fee. It went up by R5 from 2018 to 2019, yes it is a bargain for your one stop holistic shop.

I recommend this unique mind, body and spirit market experience to everyone interested in holistic health and well being or just an outing for the day.

The next event is on the 9th February 2019,  at the Bothasig community hall, corner of Link and Enza Road, 7741 Bothasig. (

You will be sure to see me there! Remember to love your mind, love your body, love your spirit.

We shine brighter together.

Love Leslin