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My #5 Summer Hair Care Tips For Curlies

A head full of curls can become quite tiring to manage in the Summertime - From swimming and being cute poolside or on the beach, to evenings out - don't let your curls get you down. Here are my 5 top tips for taking care of your curls this Summer. 1. Protective Styles - Protective styles, not only look amazing, but offer you a low maintenance option for your hair, that [...]

Curl Chemistry Review

Curl Chemistry - Shampoo The shampoo has a fruity, flowery and fresh scent, I’m totally in love with it! When you pour it out on your hand the consistency is not too thick, nor too runny. The shampoo, a beautifully crafted system is infused with rich botanical blend of shea butter, olive oil and pomegranate extract. The key feature of the shampoo is that it is curly girl friendly! What this means is that it’s [...]

Twist Out With My Natural Hair

The perfect twist-out using the My Natural Hair Products. I love experimenting - Twirls, Coils, Twists and Buns - Anytime is experimenting time! These methods enhance texture and minimise frizz. For the best results in achieving these looks, apply your styling agent (In this instance my favourite is My Natural Hair range). Apply the products onto clean hair, twirl small amounts around your fingers, leave to set until dry, you can dry with hairdryer or [...]

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