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20 Words Of Advice For The 20 Somethings

I’m pretty sure you all have seen the 10 year challenge going around on social media. We saw funny memes, real growth in certain individuals, in some cases we want to find out what’s the secret in peoples fountain of youth, there was also some more serious highlights of things we need to take care and be aware of. Looking back on my 20’s I would like to share a few tips that may [...]

Crystal Clear

The last couple of years, since settling back in Cape Town, I have had a spiritual revelation, an awakening. I am now so called woke, whatever these young folk are calling it these days. If you have been following me on social media, you would have noticed I have been going through a transformation, I don’t know where this is leading me but I'm loving the journey. It all started with my hair, embracing [...]

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