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10 Travel Tips For Girls

One of my passions is travelling and the thrill of planning, packing and finally jetting off to the destination I’ve been dreaming of, is so amazing. I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled all over the globe - Finland, Amsterdam, USA, Alaska, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, Costa  Rica, Australia, London, China to name a few. Japan and Greece being two of my favourites. Japan for its hospitality and architecture and Greece for the beaches and ruins - [...]

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Curl Chemistry Review

Curl Chemistry - Shampoo The shampoo has a fruity, flowery and fresh scent, I’m totally in love with it! When you pour it out on your hand the consistency is not too thick, nor too runny. The shampoo, a beautifully crafted system is infused with rich botanical blend of shea butter, olive oil and pomegranate extract. The key feature of the shampoo is that it is curly girl friendly! What this means is that it’s [...]

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