One of my passions is travelling and the thrill of planning, packing and finally jetting off to the destination I’ve been dreaming of, is so amazing. I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled all over the globe – Finland, Amsterdam, USA, Alaska, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, Costa  Rica, Australia, London, China to name a few. Japan and Greece being two of my favourites. Japan for its hospitality and architecture and Greece for the beaches and ruins – WOW! With the travel season on our doorsteps and many of you, I am sure on your way somewhere, here’s my 10 travel tips for girls……

1. Pack Light – I know, this seems near impossible, but I promise you, you will thank me when you are not lugging a heavy suitcase around with you. The way I do it is: Plan all my outfits in advance, lay them all out, then eliminate. See what you can mix and match – This includes shoes and accessories. Pack ONLY the essentials!

2. Research – Make sure you do your research on where you will be staying and what you want to see and how far these places are from each other – Plan how you will get around. Hotels often have drop off and collect services, inquire beforehand and book it if you can. Get costs on Uber trips, so you can include these in your budget.

3. Electronics – Make sure you pack ALL your batteries, chargers and cables for your electronic devices. You may need an adapter as some wall plugs in countries are different to yours. Make sure devices are charged fully, BEFORE you depart.

4. Important documents – Make copies of / Print out all important documents, like: Passport, flight and hotel information. Email / share your itinerary with close friends or family, so they know when you will be where. Include in detail things like hotel name and address.

5. Stay connected – Make sure to find out if your mobile phone data plan will cover you in the country you will be visiting and if not inquire about getting a temporary sim card. Get an international prepaid calling card if need be.

6. Don’t be a target – Stay alert at all times, be aware of your surroundings. Solo female travellers can seem like easy targets for criminals. Avoid wearing expensive jewellery and I suggest carrying a bag that crosses over your body instead of a backpack.

7. Blend in – Make sure you research on what is culturally appropriate – You don’t want to be walking in a bikini top in the streets of Dubai where it is a no no. In Miami however, this would not be frowned upon and encouraged! Do your research!

8. Positive attitude – The one thing I’ve learned on my travels is that a positive attitude goes a long way. That not only means being courteous to staff and locals, but also keeping your chin up when things don’t go as you planned. Which as we know, often happens in life, in general – Murphy’s Law! Remember you are there to have fun!

9. Master the selfie – Learn how to take your own pictures. Practise, practise, practise!

10. App it – For the technologically savvy – Have a look at this great article I found online – Best Travel Apps – you will actually use.

I hope you find these useful. Happy travelling and please share your own travel tips with me.

Love, Leslin

Live Life Extraordinary